Master Schedule

This schedule is for reference only. We reserve the right to move booked times as needed to maintain project timelines.

Scheduling: Training | General Meeting | Other Meeting Types
*Book all meetings via the links above. If you require a rush meeting outside of available hours, please contact me. Rush fees will apply.

Quotes/Proposals: Request Here - COMING SOON!
*For detailed project proposals or complex jobs please still fill out this form and I will either determine if a scoping project would be required for this project.

Standards of Service

Standards of service are guidelines based on current abilities for turnaround. They will be provided only once a project is paid for. (Either with a 50% deposit or in full) and are reliant that all materials and information that is required to complete the project has been delivered within 5 days of a start date. Should materials or responses not be provided in a timely manner, timelines may be extended.

The number of days that a project takes does not include holidays, vacations or weekends.

No project is the same... There may be functionality that requires additional time. Projects that have additional functionality or may be complex and should be reviewed to confirm turnaround times

Rush/Urgent Jobs

Rush or urgent jobs must fall into one of the following criteria:
- A problem with a site is preventing critical functions of the site.
ex: All ordering is not possible on an e-commerce site.
- A site has been hacked or malware introduced and the site is on a current maintenance plan.
- There is a viable reason that the job/task must be completed as soon as possible.

Rush / Urgent jobs will be booked in the next available time slot possible. They will be billed at the regular rate + 30%

Rush quotes/proposals
If a proposal is required before the next available "Billing / Admin" Slot listed on the calendar. They will be quoted at the regular rate + 20%

Projects that require a quicker turnaround than what is available may be able to request rush service for their project at the regular rate + 30%.

Rush/Urgent Service is available on a first come first serve basis and may be not available based on scheduling/availability.

ServiceStandard Service LevelsExtended Service LevelsSlow Service Levels
Predesigned Template Projects (WordPress) - Under 10 pages10 Days12 Days14 Days
Predesigned Template Projects (WordPress) - Under 10 pages (e-commerce)12 Days14 Days16 Days
Custom Theme Projects (WordPress) - Under 10 pages15 Days17 Days19 Days
Custom Theme Projects (WordPress) - Under 10 pages (e-commerce)17 Days19 Days21 Days
Small Tasks (ex: change text or images on a site)3 Days5 Days7 Days
Larger Tasks (add forms, pages, plugins or custom coding) - (Recommend getting a timeline at project start)5 Days7 Days10 Days
Projects over 10 pages or with complex coding/functionality - (Recommend getting a timeline at project start)20-30 Days25-35 Days35-40 Days
Quotes/Estimates24-48 hours48-72 hours48-72 hours
General Support and Customer Service Response24 hours48 hours48 hours